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Frauds at home poker tournaments

If you are faced with a professional cheater you have very little chance to spot his movements. You have to practice for years to be a professional poker cheater, that's why you have more chance to meet somebody who is not so good at cheating. You have a better chance to spot when someone cheats if you know some of the basic cheater tricks.

Hiding a card

Card hiding means placing one card into your lap or somewhere else where others can't see it. You can change this card to one of your playing cards later in the game or you can use the information that the card in your hand is not in the deck. The best defense mechanism against this trick is to always keep attention to the players who make strange movements. If you suspect that somebody is cheating this way, you can count the cards in the deck to be sure that no cards are missing.

False shuffle

If the shuffler knows the top or bottom cards of the deck, he can shuffle in a way that these cards will remain in their positions. The false shuffle combined with false dealing can be used to give these cards to anybody at the table. The best defense against this trick is to ask somebody else to cut the deck.

False dealing

You can deal an other card instead of the top card of the deck, this is what false dealing means. This trick requires a lot of practice but if you try it a few times you will be better at spotting this type of cheating. The dealer can use the bottom card or the card below the top card to use this trick. The cheater usually tries to hide what he is doing with rapid movements. If somebody always gets good cards when he is the dealer, you can suspect that he uses this trick. You should always watch the hands of the dealer instead of the cards when somebody is dealing.


You can drop your coins one by one when you raise the pot and watch the faces of the other players meantime. You can change your plans while you are raising on the basis of the others' reactions.

These tricks can be used easily, especially if all the other players are beginners. If you know that somebody can make card tricks or coin tricks you can suspect that he knows these types of poker tricks, too, so it is better to watch him carefully.

Online poker frauds

In online poker games the dealer is a computer and there are no real cards to manipulate with. In this manner the online games are safer than real-life games. The bigger poker sites use very strong defense mechanisms and in slight exaggeration we can call them hacker-safe.

The most common online poker fraud is collusion. Two or more players can reveal their cards with each other through chat or they can sit in the same room in the real world. This type of fraud has certain patterns (for example, they always play at the same table) so the site operators can spot them. If you suspect this type of cheating you should speak to the operator or just leave the table.

The other common fraud is playing by bots. There are free bot applications on the Internet and there are professional ones, too, but most poker sites can spot this type of cheating and ban the bots.
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