Poker help

Hidden PKR commands

You can type these commands to perform actions in's software. Some of the commands are hidden so if you use them the other players will know that you are not a beginner.

/atlast - at last
/brb - be right back
/bringiton - bring it on
/bye - will see you
/chicken - imitating chicken
/cu - see ya
/gb - good bet
/gc - good call
/gf - good fold
/gg - good game
/gl - good luck
/grin - grin
/grr - grr hang
/hello - silent hello
/hi - hi
/iyf - in your face
/inyourface - in your face
/lmao - laugh my ass off
/lol - laugh out loud
/loser - loser
/nh - nice hand
/niceone - nice one
/no - no
/nk - no kidding
/np - no problem
/nty - no thank you
/noway - no way
/me - (type anything after that)
/omg - oh my god
/orly - oh really
/owned - owned
/phew - phew
/ronaldo - blinking
/rude - up yours
/shake head
/shh - shut up
/shutup - shut up
/sorry - sorry
/ty - thank you
/wp - well played
/yay - yay
/yes - yes
/yw - you're welcome

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